Fault Diagnostics

Mastertune Dianostics has the equipment and expertise to diagnose and rectify problems on both petrol and diesel, modern and classic vehicles.

We can programme keys and ECUs to dealer standards, with top of the range equipment and qualified, expert technicians. We are able to diagnose faults in any vehicle, including classic cars.
The diagnosis is carried out in three stages:

Stage 1: Initial diagnosis using fault codes and live data.
Stage 2: Further diagnosis using dealer level kits and data scanning features this allows data to be stored on a test drive and replayed back at base to analyse those tricky intermittent faults.
Stage 3: Extensive wiring and ECM pin-data tests to find open or short circuits. This stage can be very time consuming, thus expensive so the value of the vehicle must be considered to ensure repairs are cost effective

We can diagnose most car brands, however the vehicles listed below can be diagnosed up to dealer level standard:

MG Rover
Land Rover

We have the capability to perform full diagnosis of common rail diesel systems:

Fuel flow back test
Common rail fuel pump pressure testing using special equipment (no more guessing!)
Diesel injector programming recoding may types of injectors
Ford DI pump coding

We have a smoke testing procedure to identify air leaks in intake systems and pressure leaks in turbo boost pipes as well as E.G.R valves and D.P.F restrictions. Please check the D.P.F. page for more information.