Classic Car Care

Mastertune Dianostics has now been in business for nearly 25 years; because of this we have the knowledge and experience of working on the older cars with carburettors, early ignition systems, contact points and condensers. These were then replaced with the first generation electronic ignition systems. These were particularly difficult to diagnose as the early systems did not have the sophisticated fault code retrieval systems found in today’s modern vehicles.


We at Mastertune Dianostics have the knowledge and experience to successfully diagnose such vehicles as we still have the older type connectors and the equipment to access the diagnostic ports of such vehicles. More people are buying older cars now because they find that the modern vehicle, with all the electronic gadgets, body controllers, engine ecms, abs/traction control/ant-skid/engine power control/security control systems/ automatic temperature control modules etc, tend to be prone to annoying malfunctions and invariably cost a fortune to replace. There is, therefore, a place for the older less complicated vehicle in this modern world and we at Mastertune Dianostics can assist you in your purchase of such a vehicle ensuring you obtain a low mileage, clean and tidy, well maintained and safe example.   
Services we can provide;

1.    Carburettor servicing, tuning, balancing and recalibrating if required.

2.    Servicing and replacement of older type ignition systems with contact points, condensers, rotor arms, distributor caps, ignition coils, plug leads and spark plugs. We still have the old type scopes for checking these systems and can have them purring in a few hours.

3.    Servicing and replacement of the early fixed dwell electronic ignition systems which basically replaced the points and condenser with a magnetic, hall effect or optical trigger for the system. These systems were regarded, as a step forward from the basic points as they removed wear and bounce factor associated with these earlier systems.

4.    Servicing and replacement of later variable dwell systems, these systems also incorporated a current limiting device which enabled more power to be available at the higher rev. ranges. These systems were the for- runner of today’s Engine Management Systems, in which only the spark plug and coils are still fitted, as all the other parts are no longer required. These systems consisted of a trigger inside the distributor and an ignition module to create the low tension supply to the coil; these items are still available and can be replaced at a reasonable cost.

5.    We can also fit trackers to expensive older classic cars to reduce the insurance cost, usually supplied and fitted from “£200.00 plus vat.”